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  • Basic understanding of computers
  • Basic understanding of website and internet

Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) comes up with the list of top 10 vulnerability. This course will teach you those 10 threats identified by the OWASP.

Course objective:

1) All those 10 threats
2) The impact of the threat
3) How you can execute those threats
4) Countermeasures of the threats

The course include the practical guide on DVWA to understand the ins and outs.

This course is for:

1. Anyone who wants to know the web security.

2. Developers who want to have a security check while they make their application

3. IT managers, security auditors

4. Students who wants to have first class understanding of the web security.

5. Anyone who is preparing for an interview in the security field

There are many other courses on OWASP on Udemy what is special about this?

1. Technical understanding in as simple as possible.

2. Practical tutorials for the attacks

3. Updated content every few months

4. Special Countermeasures section to make sure you know every possible way to avoid the mistakes

What if I want to know more about a specific topic or something that is not clear?

Ask the question and I will reply with the solution. If I feel like I should add any new module or videos for the course then I will add them too.

Who this course is for:
  • Developers who want to develop secure websites
  • Computer science students
  • Cybersecurity professionals
  • Anyone who is interested in ethical hacking

The course has over 5 hours of content which also covers part of the web security. We partnered with some YouTubers in order to make these videos.

Course Curriculum

Welcome to OWASP course 00:00:00
About OWASP course 00:00:00
What is OWASP?
What is OWASP 00:00:00
OWASP top 10 00:00:00
Setting up environment
Installing Kali Linux 00:00:00
Installing DVWA 00:00:00
Injection Attacks
Understanding injection attacks and its types 00:00:00
Understanding SQL Injection attacks 00:00:00
Performing SQL injection Attack 00:00:00
Blind SQL injection Attack 00:00:00
Countermeasures to SQL injection 00:00:00
Understanding Command Injection Attack 00:00:00
Command Injection Attack 00:00:00
Broken Authentication
Understanding Broken Authentication 00:00:00
Brute forcing 00:00:00
Countermeasures 00:00:00
Sensitive Data Exposure
Understanding Sensitive Data Exposure 00:00:00
Attack scenario and case study 00:00:00
Countermeasures to secure data 00:00:00
XXE attacks
Understanding XML External Entities (XXE) 00:00:00
XXE Tutorial 00:00:00
Guide on hunting XXE 00:00:00
Countermeasures 00:00:00
Broken Access Control
Understanding Broken Access Control 00:00:00
Countermeasures 00:00:00
Security Misconfiguration
Understanding Security misconfiguration 00:00:00
Countermeasures 00:00:00
XSS attacks
Understanding XSS attack 00:00:00
DOM based XSS attack 00:00:00
Reflected XSS attack 00:00:00
Stored XSS attack 00:00:00
CSRF 00:00:00
CSP bypass attack 00:00:00
Countermeasures 00:00:00
Insecure Deserialization
Understanding Insecure Deserialization 00:00:00
Countermeasures 00:00:00
Using components with known vulnerabilities
Introduction to Using components with known vulnerabilities 00:00:00
Countermeasures 00:00:00
Insufficient logging and Monitoring
Detailed understanding of OWASP A10 00:00:00
Conclusion and Resources
All OWASP Cheat Sheet 00:00:00
Concluding Remarks 00:00:00

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