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You can be a web developer, business analyst, digital marketer or a businessman, but the most important aspect of your daily schedule will be ensuring the privacy of your data and security measures your business stands on. This comes handy with learning the basic fundamentals of modern web security and current privacy practices. And check what? It’s not tough to learn the security essential and becoming the Superman of your organization’s online activities. To help you enjoy your security measures and how to keep your privacy under controlled measures, we will share events from the past and recent events that could have been easily blocked from harms caused, yet ignorance caused big trouble. The web of today offers a variety of tools and measures to easily stop a hacker and get alarmed at right time, however, this is very unfortunate that individuals and organizations lose their edge over online hacking and privacy breaches instead of using it to their advantage with little knowledge in the right direction.

This course is a combination of videos as online lectures, an assignment at the end, of course, discussions and final analysis before granting certification.

This course is :

Fully online with video lectures

Timeline – Flexible deadlines to complete at your own pace

Language – English & Hindi

Hands-on classroom training – Practical training available after course completion

Course Syllabus


It all started when one of our clients wanted to have training on web security measures and test the readiness of online hacker attacks on his own company! Result? We ended up delivering our training to more than 18 clients and 300+ employees and That’s why we created this course for all those keen soldiers of their organizations who do not want to lose their years of hard work to one hacker attack. This course is aimed at building a secure workplace and maintaining the online security measures and privacy awareness among your organization and all team members.

After the course is completed, you will be able to opt for the classroom training program of 2 days to 1 week depending on your training requirements at the nearest location possible.


The objective of this course

    1. History and present landscape: You will learn the fundamental principles of web security and overview of most common attacks of recent times and their countermeasures that must be implemented at the workplace as well as home to reduce data theft and micro-hacks.
    2. Fundamentals of web security domain – This topic will cover the most relevant dangers surrounding the commonly used web applications and their loopholes that hackers leverage. You will gain an understanding of how security models of web works and recent changes updated towards personalized privacy measures.


  • Securing data sharing and communication channels: Understanding the threats of an insecure link that could expose your important communication and data. Importance of HTTPS and implementing the improvements on your web security along with current practices in HTTPS.
  • Analyzing access and securing data: This is the most important topic of this course that will share the understanding of authentication and authorization of online access and ensuring proper analysis of injection attacks over regular periods. You will learn to harden the session management mechanism and block authorization bypasses by knowing the causes between server and client side attack structures. Finally, you will learn the execution of common injection attacks and implementing different defense strategies.


Topics covered in this course

– Introduction to Web Security principles

– Understanding the threats towards most commonly used web applications

– Listing of common attacks and building their countermeasures

– Securing measures for your workplace, server and client side


Through this course, you will gain the skills and knowledge of building secure applications, reduce the chances of an upcoming hacker attack and ensure your organization’s web security checks. You will also be able to understand the common attacks and ways to plan their countermeasures by doing real practice alongside your course. No previous security knowledge is required for this course, however, you should take an overview of basic application concepts that include HTML, HTTP & JavaScript.

Course Curriculum

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