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LIFE- It’s Interpretation

“Life is uncertain I know, but find a meaning to live, that is what life is”.

Subhajit Kar

Let me ask you a simple question, what is LIFE and how to live it? Can you’ll tell me?

This question has been bugging me for years and I have been searching for the answers for several years. After contemplating long enough I came to deduce certain points which I am going to share. I am just a learner so please do forgive me for my fallacy.

Coming to the first part of the question what is LIFE? – From the womb of our progenitor we descend on this planet, we see the first ray of light, and our life begins. It is hard to describe in two lines but this is basically how our journey commence. We live, study, play and work, which is the definition of life to most of us. But there are other aspects of life too. Life is a precious boon that we receive from the Almighty and it is not always about getting something, it is also about giving back to the society. It is like paying back a debt that we took from life.  Life is about finding a meaning to our existence. Most of our world revolves around “ME and Myself”, but as a human being we do have a social and moral responsibility. We are lucky enough to be born as an intelligent species who can think and make every impossible possible, and yet we only tend to be selfish and indifferent to the souls in need, pain and agony. We forget that God has given us heart to feel and shower kindness upon our fellow living beings. True happiness comes from giving others, from sharing what God has bestowed upon us, from sacrificing our happiness for others, real bliss is achieved and only then our humanity will live eternally.

If you have to die for the people, do not be afraid to do so, do not fear that your existence will come to end, know this that you will live through them.

Now coming to the second part of the question, how to live Life?- Well I am not going to say live life legendary, or be a rock star in your field of work, so that you make it to the headlines  very often, no this is not how you should think. Even the greatest of the peoples avoid show-offs, they just do what they got to do and that’s it. See all of us are not meant to be class toppers, lucrative job owners or the people’s guy. Even the fingers in our hands are of different sizes and shapes and so are we. Most of us think that okay I know this person; he has done this and became successful, so I will also follow those steps and become a success. There is nothing wrong in following if you are meant to be in that sphere of work where the successful person belongs, but you have to understand even in the same line of work there are different ways of being successful. What has worked for him may not work for you, and what will work for you may not work for him, but you got to find your own path, the way that suits you the most. Everlasting success is achieved through authentic ways. The stalwarts of every industry, whom we look up to, are authentic in their own ways, whether be it authors, singers, actors, businessmen, leaders and others. You have to choose your own path, your own content, and write your own story. Not every story is a great story, not every content is a great content, but believe me there is an another level of satisfaction in writing your own story, an eternal content in playing the part of your self-made content. There is nothing more peaceful and happier than it.

But life is not a bed of roses. There will be noises around you, there will be obstacles around you, but it is you who have to break them and move on your own path. There are so many naysayers and  angels of practicality who will make you believe that it is not the path that you should choose, it is not practical, but I say believe in God, believe in yourself. It is Him who gives us the guts to dream and the power to turn it into reality. Believe in your dreams and make it your life, either you achieve it or there is no or. To live we need to breathe, make your dreams your oxygen, you breathe it or you die. Then only you will achieve what you want otherwise not. It is not important from where you come but what you do in life. We cannot always achieve what we want, how we want, but we can atleast give it a try, and try harder. We may not be a rags to riches story or some genius prodigy, but we can be ourselves, what we are at our core. If nothing else we can atleast be a human, in a purest sense of manner, without any malice, hatred, selfish interests or whatsoever.

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new”- Albert Einstein

Be ready to make mistakes and learn from the process because life is not a bottle of ceralac powder and no one is going to baby-feed you. You will fall along the way and you have to rise on your own, unless you have an affluent surname attached to you which is going to save and shelter you from getting rampaged in the fast-pacing, soul-crushing rat race on which we embark as soon as we are born. And always remember there is no age for learning, it’s a lifelong process. Life is the best teacher and it surely teaches us in a tough way. But the best results are derived from it. My maternal uncle says that there is lot to learn and he has not crossed the ocean of education yet. All this after having a PhD and researching for years, and not to forget he is a renowned Professor. My mother always says how he struggled to achieve what he is today. We look up to him, the man who self-made himself. This is what I was talking about, go after what you want and not what others want. Despite all odds you will emerge victorious in the end.

December 21, 2018

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